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The Pass Rusher with Walter Walter

Great Awareness Monologues presents The Pass Rusher. The Pass Rusher is a football concussion story. Walter Walter is the main inhabitant of the screen for The Pass Rusher, a movie that zeroes in on a single day in the life of a retired Professional Football Player. He attempts to make sense of his degenerative brain disease caused by multiple concussions. The movie is essentially a monologue; a plot device that is used to delve deep into the mindset of a fictionalized version of a suicidal ex-ball player, who lays bare his soul armed with nothing but a home video camera, prescription drugs, and alcohol. Will love save him from his demons or will he succumb to his pain? Watch the video now!

About The Creator
Walter Anderson known simply as Walter Walter is an educator, author, filmmaker and diverse entrepreneur. Formally educated in Chemistry (B.S.), and Higher Education (M.S.), he shares his time between helping college chemistry students and creating interesting projects. His intellectual portfolio includes books (exclusive, limited prints), entertainment, and more. You may contact him via his official website at

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